Our team

Richard Randall

Creative Director

A  designer in the event industry for over 20 years, Richard Randall uses  his backgrounds in Scenic Design, Floral Artistry and Interior Design to  transform spaces into uniquely creative environments and extraordinary  events. Using  his strong sense of balance and proportion and his meticulous attention  to details, Richard creates the palate of resources that inspire an  ambience and focus for each space. The results are nothing short of  spectacular.   His  success has led to photos published in Grace Ormond Wedding Style and  appearances on CBS’s Platinum Weddings. He has spoken at event industry  forums and collaborates with some of the industry’s leading  professionals. 

Ariel Poncelas

Production Manager

As  a key member of the creative team Ariel creates many of our custom  designed structures and fabric applications. His many years of  experience and background as a Designer and an Event Artist have made  him pivotal to daily production, making him uniquely talented to  managing both our floral team and providing event management and  support.